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Shweby Proxy Server

Developer community


  • Riadh Elloumi <riadh at melix dot net>, responsible for core design,
  • Fares Triki <trik at enst dot fr>, responsible for transparent proxying and access control.


  • Basile Starynkevitch, developers team leader in the POESIA project.
  • Sylvie Vignes, associate professor at the Networks and Computer Science Department at Telecom Paris.


  • Clemens löser in HTML and CSS validation.
  • Rui Ataide (Symantec corporation) : a patch for interoperability with Symantec Scan Engine.

How to join us ?

We are seeking for developers and end-users. Developers can help us by developing new features, testing and documenting. End-users can help us by using shweby and provide us with feed-back.

Here are some future development:

  • Web configuration interface improvements,
  • OPTIONS and Preview support in ICAP protocol,
  • ICAP caching,
  • developing proxylets (applications that run over an ICAP server),
  • web page design and new logo,
  • other ideas ?
If you are intrested, please subscribe to our mailing list. We will do our best to reply to you.

Shweby developers team.